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Social Media has finally arrived in politics in Africa. Just a few years ago it was hard to convince party bosses that they should set aside funds and resources for Social Media. Some might have been worried to share control, others were simply not familiar with the new technologies. Now we see Social Media as an essential tool in many campaigns. But again it is not sufficient just to set up a Facebook account and wait for victory in the next elections – Social Media is a tool that should be used but without being driven by it. We need to use Social Media without social media misusing us.

The scandal around Facebook might only be the tip of the iceberg, but it shows how important it is to control the data we give away. Like we control our data, we should be aware that dealing with Social Media as a party or as a politician carries with it a far bigger responsibility than for an individual who uses it. Inappropriate posts or retweets of information that have not been cross-checked can cause havoc in communities and whole societies. Be relaxed about social media. Work with people who are savvy in the new technologies and handle them in a responsible manner.

The booklet discusses new means of communication, considering different Social Media platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and many more.

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