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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Philippines Office officially welcomes its new country director, Prof. Dr. Stefan Jost.

Prior to his posting as Country Director of the KAS Philippines Office, Dr. Jost held the same position in different KAS Offices abroad: KAS Bolivia from 1993 to 1998; the KAS Regional Program “The Rule of Law in Latin America” from 1998 to 2001; KAS Colombia from 2009 to 2012; and KAS Mexico from 2012 to 2018.

Prof. Dr. Jost is preceded by Mr. Wolfgang Hruschka, Country Director of KAS Malaysia Office, who concurrently served as the interim Country Director of the KAS Philippines Office from January to July 2018. After a fruitful assignment in the Philippines, Mr. Hruschka will continue to focus on his assignment at the KAS Malaysia Office.

The handover was conducted in the presence of Mr. Clauspeter Hill, Head of Administration, and Ms. Iris Grunow, Financial and Administrative Supervisor for Asia and the Pacific, from the KAS Headquarters in Berlin.

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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, its educational institutions, centres and foreign offices, offer several thousand events on various subjects each year. We provide up to date and exclusive reports on selected conferences, events and symposia at www.kas.de. In addition to a summary of the contents, you can also find additional material such as pictures, speeches, videos or audio clips.

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