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5 | 2011

International Reports 5/2011

Tunisia – A Revolution and its Consequences | The Arab Youth and the Dawn of Democracy | Between Paradise and Prison – Senegalese Migrants and the Response of the European Union | Museveni’s Uganda: Eternal Subscription for Power? | Brazil’s Place in the Post-Crisis New Global Economic Order | The Internet Policy in France and the Role of the Independent Administrative Authority CNIL

4 | 2011

International Reports 4/2011

From Climate Economy to Green Economy | From Kyoto to Durban – The European Union’s Climate Policy | Emerging Powers: The IBSA States as Partners and Leaders in a Future Global Climate Change Regime | Climate Policy in the Chinese People’s Republic – Groundwork for Sustainable Growth? | Indonesia’s Role in International Climate Policy. Financial Incentives to Preserve the Rainforest | Harmony as a National Mission: Singapore’s Way of Dealing with Immigration and Integration | From the Driver’s Seat to the Backseat - Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia | Post-Election Slovakia: The First Half-Year of the Center-Right Government

3 | 2011

International Reports 3/2011

Upheaval in the Middle East - What Comes Next After the Events in Tunisia and Egypt? | Southern Sudan Before Independence - Local Celebrations, Disappointment in Northern Sudan and International Concern | Kenya´s New Constitution: Triumph in Hand, Testing Times Ahead? | Economic Policy in South Africa - Growth Plans and Growth Obstacles | Pakistan After the Flood | The Long Shadow of the Belarus Presidential Elections - Procedures, Results and Political Fall-Out | The German Minority in Poland

2 | 2011

International Reports 2/2011

SAARC – 25 Years of Regional Integration in South Asia | ASEAN and G20 – Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Perspectives | Immigration Country Norway – Demographic Trends and Political Concepts | After the Presidential Elections in Côte D’Ivoire – Can the Political Crisis Still Be Resolved by Diplomacy? | People with Low Expectations Are Seldom Disappointed – Climate Summit in Cancún Did Not Fail, but Was It Successful Enough? | Republic of Moldova at the End of an Election Marathon? - A New Version of the Alliance for European Integration, and More Uncertainty

1 | 2011

International Reports 1/2011

The (Never)Ending Story of Bulgarian and Romanian Judicial Reform | Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Elections – An Opportunity to Set a Course for Brussels? | Serbia and Kosovo: Status Disputes and EU Membership – Progress, Obstacles and the Role of Civil Society | Coming to Terms with the Past in the Balkans – The Lustration Process in Macedonia | Latvia Reloaded – The Parties are Trying to Revive the Spirit of 1991 | By the Grace of Lula – Dilma Rousseff Becomes Brazil’s First Female President | Tanzania after the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections 2010

12 | 2010

International Reports 12/2010

Christians in China – Expansion and Limitation of Churches | Under Muslime Rule – On the Political and Social Situation of Egyptian Christians | Christians in Israel – A Complex Question of Identity | The Role and Influence of Christians in the Palestinian Territories | On Syrian Politics and its Christian Minority | The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region – An African CSCE?

11 | 2010

International Reports 11/2010

Four Scenarios and No Recourse? Saudi Arabia and Iran's Nuclear Program | The GCC as a Regional Security Organization | NATO in the Middle East? Discussions About the Role of NATO in Securing an Israeli-Palestinian Agreement | Elections in Australia - A Narrow Victory for the Prime Minister | Fundamentals of an Islamic Economic System Compared to the Social Market Economy - A Systematic Overview

10 | 2010

International Reports 10/2010

Migration Policy as a Learning Process - How the Netherlands Deals with Immigrants | Looking North: Immigration Policy in Mexico | The Complicated Relationship: A Snapshot of the U.S.-Mexico Border | Africa and the International Criminal Court: Stocktaking in Uganda | Caught Between Two Fronts - In Search of Lasting Peace in the Casamance Region | Strategic International Threats Surrounding Brazil

9 | 2010

International Reports 9/2010

Poland - Neighbor, Partner and Friend in the East. German-Polish Relations Since 1989 | Proven Partnerships with Development Potential - Germany´s Relations with the Czech Republic and Slovakia | Germany´s Relations with the Baltic States Since Reunification | On the Mood of the Partners in the Franco-German Relationship Two Decades After Reunion | The Relations Between Great Britain and Reunified Germany | Union for the Mediterranean - Acknowledging Realities and Exploiting Opportunities | The Philippines After the May 10, 2010 Elections | From Uribismo to Unidad Nacional - Colombia After the Congressional and Presidential Elections

8 | 2010

International Reports 8/2010

A European Perspective on International Terrorism | Fanatics in Our Midst: The Phenomenon of ‘Homegrown Jihadists’ | The Fight Against International Terrorism and the Question of International Security - What Role Will NATO Play in the Future? | Counter-Terrorism as a U.S. National Security Priority | Afghanistan and Pakistan - A Paradigm Shift in the Fight Against Terrorism? | Al-Qaeda Organization in Yemen | India: International and External Security - Current Challenges to the Government | “Nothing New in the South?” – Analytical Observations on the Conflict in the Southern Provinces of Thailand

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This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.

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Editorial staff
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Dr. Anja Schnabel

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