Scholarships and Cultural Activities


Support in the areas of the fine arts and culture is explicitly included in the activities of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung formulated in the foundation’s bylaws. KAS complies with this statutory requirement by granting fellowships to artists and writers and supporting extensive program work.

Fellowships and Program Work

The support provided to artists by KAS through the Else Heiliger Fund (EHF), the EHF 2010 Trustee Program, is an integral part of this cultural involvement. Fellowships are granted to artists and writers with German citizenship who have graduated from an institution of higher education (working fellowships). In exceptional cases, the foundation also supports candidates who are completing post-graduate studies (academic fellowships). Fellowships are awarded on the basis of the outstanding quality of the candidates’ work and need. The foundation’s program work also focuses on the areas of the fine arts and literature.

Fine Arts and Literature

Culture defines identity; it documents ways of life and through its creative and innovative potential provides surprising and imaginative insights into the world around us. The transmission of culture on the one hand and the promotion of culture on the other hand therefore represent an excellent choice of activities for a political foundation. Broad-based dialog is the goal of cultural initiatives; culture goes hand in hand with communication. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung promotes dialog between artists and the general public, between the worlds of culture and politics and among the various cultural disciplines. We conduct this dialog through exhibits, readings, concerts, discussions and other events as well as through publications and the Internet. This takes place at the regional level throughout the country with special emphasis upon the capital. The cultural dialog initiated by KAS is interdisciplinary, multimedial and controversial; it ranges in scope from ceremonial homages to prominent representatives of German-language culture to workshop discussions between students and theater makers.

Fine Arts

The unusual architecture of our location in Berlin is especially well-suited for exhibition purposes. We exhibit the works of talented young artists as well as those of artists whose work has already had a decisive influence on their respective genres. KAS actively provokes confrontation between artistic schools of thought and forms of expression that exemplify contemporary trends in the world of art and provide a seismographic record of sociopolitical issues and currents. International cultural evenings held in conjunction with embassies provide insights into noteworthy contemporary artistic, literary and musical developments in the host countries; one-man and group exhibits call into question conventional visual habits, present controversial issues and open up new horizons. Support for the arts provided by the Else Heiliger Fund (EHF), whose work is being carried on by the EHF 2010 Trustee Program since 2010and whose 1o annual fellowship awards represent an exemplary demonstration of civic commitment, makes possible special activities. Once a year, for example, EHF fellows and cultural opinion leaders are invited to attend a cross-disciplinary workshop held at Konrad Adenauer’s former summer residence on Lake Como.


The literature prize sponsored by former Minister-President Prof. Dr. Bernhard that is awarded annually in Weimar has become a permanent fixture in the world of German literature; authors such as Sarah Kirsch, Günther de Bruyn, Louis Begley and Herta Müller have already been honored. Activities include various series of literary symposia and congresses, all of which attract considerable attention. They provide interdisciplinary fora for scholarly confrontation with cultural issues, examine the literature of neighboring countries and bilateral relations between countries in the new Europe in the area of cultural policy, promote ecumenical dialog, emphasize responsibility for a culture of memory and deepen discourse on values. Dialog is also the primary goal of readings, an annual writers’ workshop held in Cadenabbia and writing and theater seminars held in Berlin. The EHF 2010 Trustee Program enables us to sponsor two authors each year.


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