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Politics and Consulting


Politics and Consulting is the think tank of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. As 'thinkers and doers', we develop fundamental concepts for the work of our foundation and design practical approaches for solving problems in politics and society. We are committed to fact finding, to manage transfer of knowledge and political consulting. Our five teams – domestic policy, social policy, economic policy, empirical social research and digitalisation – cover a wide range of political issues. We offer knowledge and expertise, develop studies and discussion papers, and organise workshops and expert round tables. Our goal is to rethink politics from the ground up.

Main Focal Points

  • We develop policy-oriented solutions to benefit both civic education and political practice.
  • We detect political trends and explore long-term developments in our society.
  • We communicate strategies to the political public.

The foundations of our philosophy

We base our image on seriousness, verifiability and confidence. Our work is persistent, substantial and networked with other institutions,which enables us to identify and articulate political developments and questions of future significance. The fundamental values of Christian democratic politics guide our ethically grounded political consultancy. We want to contribute towards providing the process of social change with an ethical stance.

Customized and comprehensible

Our political consultancy services are accurately focussed on the specific topic and customized to meet the needs of the particular target groups. Comprehensible presentation and practical orientation are basic essentials for acceptance in politics and society. Our work is project based. This ensures flexible responses to current issues, but it also enables us to illustrate and investigate medium and long-term models as alternatives. We seek a direct exchange of ideas which flows from society into politics and from politics into society. In effect we offer analysis and consulting, we are a productive think tank, and we perform policy transfer.


Head of Team Politics and Consulting
Thomas Köhler
Phone +49 30 26996 -3550
Fax +49 30 26996 -53550
Head of Team Empirical Social Research and Deputy Head of Team Politics and Consulting
Dr. Viola Neu
Phone +49 30 26996-3506
Fax +49 30 26996-3551


Desk Officer
Sabine Stoye
Phone +49 30 26996-3517
Desk Officer
Detha Degenhardt
Phone +49 30 26996-3518
Fax +49 30 26996-3551
Anne Halbey-Muzlah
Phone +49 30 26996-3519
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