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Education and Science Policy

As a modern, highly developed country, Germany’s prosperity is based on know-how and education. Education and science are crucial topics for our political agenda. We know that social and economic participation are impossible without an adequate education. Without research and science, there will be no long-lasting economic growth. Plans for the future will always require new approaches.

How can education serve future goals? What reforms are necessary in German education? How can education be improved for our entire lifespan? What kinds of knowledge will be necessary for a successful work life? What are the most important elements of personality and character development? How important is education in Germany’s cultural and political life?

Still more questions must be asked: How can universities and research institutes work more efficiently? What kind of reforms will give a boost to science? How can the capacity for innovation be improved? What could be done to enhance Germany’s place in the competitive international arena? How can science, research, and technology lead to societal and human progress?

The Team, Education and Science Policy, analyzes these questions. It looks for challenges, proposals and solutions.


Head of Team and Coordinator for Science, Research and Technology
Dr. Norbert Arnold
Phone +49 30 26996-3504
Fax +49 30 26996-3551


Koordinatorin für Bildungs- und Hochschulpolitik
Felise Maennig-Fortmann
Phone +49 30 26996 3768
Jenny Kahlert
Phone +49 30 26996-3663
Fax +49 30 26996-3551