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Finding the most outstanding start-ups

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(Foto: Jakub Jirsák - Fotolia.com)
(Foto: Jakub Jirsák - Fotolia.com)

Europe has a wide range of interesting start-ups and we want to find the most outstanding ones. We, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, hub:raum, EIT ICT Labs and SRH University, want to give them a voice and help to make ideas public.

Win a trip to Berlin to our international event at hub:raum, November 3rd, where you will be able to make an elevator pitch in front of the audience, an expert interview, which will be recorded and published, accommodation in one of the latest design hotels and a certificate. On top of that, you may win the public award.

Our question is: Are you still in the early-stages? Did you found your start-up less than 18 months ago? Is your start-up active in one of the following fields

  1. Internet of Things,
  2. Health,
  3. Big Data or
  4. Cloud Based Business Solutions

If yes, then we invite you to participate in an interesting CONTEST! More information... (Participation Terms and Conditions)


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