Humanity Will Not So Swiftly Replace Itself

Terms such as artificial intelligence and machine learning have triggered a wave of expectations, full of both hopes and fears. Hopes that we are on the brink of finding solutions to the great problems of humanity are tempered by fears, most commonly that of being made redundant. A sober look at the facts. Aljoscha Burchardt, International Reports, April 2018 more...

Rules for Robots

Why We Need a Digital Magna Carta or the Age of Intelligent Machines
We stand at a turning point in human history, on the threshold of an unknown digital future. A powerful new technology, artificial intelligence (AI), permeates every area of our lives, largely thanks to advances in neural networks, modelled loosely on the human brain. Our societies and economies have become increasingly dependent on the use of artificial intelligence. A new set of rules is needed in order to ensure that freedom, inclusion and growth are safeguarded in the future. In other words, we need a digital Magna Carta for the age of cognitive machines. Olaf Groth, Mark Nitzberg, Mark Esposito, International Reports, April 2018 more...

Of Facebook Revolutions and Twitter Presidents

How Digitalisation Changes Political Decision-Making
In 2010, the internet was thought to be an instrument of global democratisation. But with the onset of the “Arab winter”, that hope has given way to severe disappointment. Now, the internet is even blamed for the increasing populism. An attempt at a sober assessment. Torben Stephan, International Reports, April 2018 more...

Of Streams of Data, Thought, and Other Things

Digitalisation, Energy Policy, and Innovation Capacity From an Asian Perspective
What influence do digitalisation processes have on the use of energy and raw materials? What innovation dynamics result from the potential, still far from exhausted, of these developments? And what influence does all this have on the geoeconomic and geopolitical interrelationships in the international system? This article addresses these questions from an Asian perspective. Peter Hefele, International Reports, April 2018 more...

More than Just Bitcoin

The Potential of Blockchain Technology, Using the Example of Latin America
Today, blockchain technology (BT) has already claimed a prominent position in the sphere of digitalisation. It is becoming increasingly clear that it has countless potential applications, that extend far beyond the Bitcoin digital currency. Eventually, it might even be a safe alternative to weak state institutions, particularly in emerging and developing countries. Christian Hübner, International Reports, April 2018 more...

Scattered Dreams

The Independence Referendum, the Fall of Kirkuk and the Effect on Kurdish and Iraqi Politics
Even before the official defeat of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, the Kurdish independence referendum has brought the country on the brink of yet another civil war and has fundamentally changed the political situation in the country. Iraq’s new reality necessitates a shift in German Iraq policy, including an adjustment of the Federal Republic’s military contribution to the country. Nils Wörmer, Lucas Lamberty, International Reports, April 2018 more...

How to Combat the Causes of Refugee Flows

The EU-Jordan Compact in Practice
The 2016 Supporting Syria and the Region Conference in London heralded a decisive paradigm shift in European development cooperation in the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis. In the process, not only were new sources of finance mobilised, but development policy focus was also shifted to long-term strengthening of initial host country resilience. In light of the EU-Jordan Compact, this article shows the extent to which the promising approach of a Compact has proven itself in practice. Manuel Schubert, Imke Haase, International Reports, April 2018 more...

Think Tank Report 2/2018

Insights into the agendas of international think tanks
In the Think Tank Report 2/2018 we take a look on: Democracy becoming critical infrastructure | What other countries can learn from India´s biofuels | Which kind of infrastructure really is important | How sustainable economic growth can be learned | Which role the military has in the Middle East seven years after the Arab Spring | How Russia is reclaiming its place on the world stage | How augmented reality can change everyday life for blind people | and many more… Think Tank Report, March 2018 more...

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