Apr. 22 - 25, Media Programme Asia

Asia News Network (ANN)

Board Meeting
The members of the Asia News Network (ANN) get together in Tokyo, Japan for their annual board meeting to discuss recent and future developments of the network. more...

Apr. 23, Korea

Northeast Asia between Conflict and Reconciliation: Europe's Role

Bilateral Relations between most powers in Northeast Asia have been burdened by significant conflicts ever since. How can European experiences and political models contribute to regional detente and secure lasting peace? more...

Apr. 27, Israel

"Wonder"ful Ambassadors for a Special Relationship

Role and Perspective of Civil Society for the German-Israeli Partnership
The KAS Civil Ambassadors Conference gives a forum for those who put themselves out for a strong German-Israeli relationship, apart from the political and diplomatic sphere: Volunteers, artists, journalists, and so forth. more...

Apr. 28 - 29, Turkey

German-Turkish Security Policy Dialogue 2015

Latest Developments in Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine more...

Apr. 30, Malaysia

Developing human capital assets for Sabah's future growth

This is a part of the Institute for Development Studies (Sabah) (IDS) and the Sabah Economic Development & Investment Authority (SEDIA) initiatives to develop human capital in Sabah for its critical industries. more...

May 4, Korea

Theme Week Security 2015: Maritime Regime Building in East Asia

The Past, Present and Its Prospects for the Future
V. Joint Conference of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) Study Group Korea as part of the German-Korean Security Dialogue established by KAS in 2011 more...

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