Sep. 25, Korea

25 Years Peaceful Revolution in Germany: Lessons for Korea

Event Series "25 Years Peaceful Revolution in Germany" of KAS Korea
In 2014, Germany remembers the fall of the Berlin wall 25 years ago which marked the beginning of a historic process at the end of which the reunification of the divied nation took place. more...

Sep. 30, Malaysia

National Conference on Non-discrimination

Unity and Social Cohesion in Malaysia
The conference serves as a platform for discussions and to gather feedback to assist the committee of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), formed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, to formulate the National Unity blueprint. more...

Oct. 5 - 7, India

JSDP Partnernetwork Meeting

Every year, the long-term KAS partners are meeting for a discussion on an important topic. This year, the Joint Staff Development Partnernetwork will discuss "NGOs & Good Governance – An instrument of National Transformation". more...

Oct. 9, Malaysia

Live Cybersecurity Incident Simulation

Within the interactive cyber incident simulation, the participants experience the possibly devastating impact of a cyber attack. The simulation will highlight the important roles of the top decision makers in relation a more secure cyber space. more...

Oct. 10, Brazil

XI International Security Conference Forte de Copacabana

Multilateral Security Governance
The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI), with the support of the Delegation of the EU in Brazil, would like to invite you to the XI International Security Conference of Forte de Copacabana. more...

Oct. 13 - 14, Malaysia

Germany-Malaysia Security Dialogue

This is the 3rd Germany-Malaysia Security Dialogue in cooperation with the Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia which deals with current regional and global security issues. more...

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