Oct. 25, Korea

Constitutionalism in Korea and Germany in the 21st Century

The Constitution: How it was, how it is and how it will be
In 2014, the German constitution, the "Grundgesetz", celebrated its 65th anniversary. Is it ready for "retirement" or still up to date? And what about the constitution of the Republic of Korea, which is in its mid-20s, in comparison? more...

Oct. 27, Korea

Coming to Terms with the Past or Negation of the Historical Truth

1. Korean-German Roundtable on Fundamental Questions of Constitutional Law
Coming to terms with the past has been a sensitive issue in Korea, especially with respect to the war crimes of the occupation power, but also regarding the different approaches of states in dealing with their responsibility towards their history. more...

Oct. 28, Korea

Party Democracy and Party Ban

2. Korean-German Roundtable on Fundamental Questions of Constitutional Law
Political parties contribute to the forming of the people's political will. When and how will legal sanctions against parties in Korea and Germany become effective that are being considered a danger to the basic principles of the state order? more...

Nov. 3 - 4, Malaysia

The 9th Asia Economic Summit

Asia Rising: The Future of Asia - Where Do We Go From Here
The Asia Economic Summit is an important track two initiative to bring together government, business and thought leaders to discuss and exchange views on the future of Asia and how the Asia regional economic integration is progressing. more...

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