European and International Cooperation

Asia and the Pacific

Asia with its pacific neigbours is not only the most densely populated, but also the most heterogeneous continent, regarding to history, culture, society and political systems. The political, economic and social development of the different countries and sub regions of Asia was subjected to a large change during the last years.

In nearly all countries of the region an intensive discussion takes place over the future of the political structures and systems. At the same time, the dynamics of the democratization in Asia, which had begun in the middle of the 1990’s (e.g. Suharto’s downfall in Indonesia; Adoption of a democratic constitution in Thailand), is seriously threatened. The military putsches in Thailand in September 2006 and in Bangladesh in January 2007 as well as the proclaiming of the state of emergency in Pakistan in November 2007 are serious setbacks on the way to democratic reforms and the stabilization of the civil society.

In the context of this general development the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung as a dialogue partner is more than ever demanded to accompany and support the good chances for a balanced development in Asia.

The emphases of our work in Asia cover:

  • Support of the current democratization processes and promotion of the political structural change, “Good Governance”
  • Intensification of the dialogue of parties and members of the parliament between Europe, Germany and ASEAN;
  • Establishment of an administrative and a constitutional courts as well as protection of the civil rights;
  • Reduction of the social consequences of the economic and monetary crisis;
  • Stabilization of the media;
  • Continuation of the value dialogue and the cultural exchange of ideas;
  • Dialogue about matters of foreign and security politics.

Emphasis countries of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung are since the middle of the 90's the ASEAN states (mainly the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia) and the densely populated countries India (inclusive SAARC) and China.

Beyond that, successful cooperation is continued with the transformation countries of central Asia, with Vietnam, Cambodia and Mongolia.