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Russia´s Economy and Society Face New Challenges
International Reports
Werner GumpelDec. 29, 2008
A Regulatory Framework for a Healthcare System to Meet the Challenges of the Future
Norbert Arnold, Michael Borchard, Klaus Dirk Henke, Heinz Lohmann, Dorothea Ludewig-Thaut, Christoph StraubDec. 4, 2009
Pembentukan, Pembangunan dan Perspektif Formula Keamanan
Malaysia Office
Christian L. GlossnerDec. 31, 2010
Jordan Office
Martin BeckJune 30, 2010
Similar goals: The Palestine Investment Conference and KAS Ramallah support the development of a prosperous Palestinian
Event Reports
Palestinian Territories
June 3, 2010
Czech Republic Office
July 28, 2008
Oficina Mexico
Mar. 5, 2009
Gerhard Wahlers, Nino Galetti, Karsten Grabow, David Jonathan Grunwald, Manfred Agethen, Rudolf Uertz, Reinhard Willig, Matthias Schäfer, Christine Henry-Huthmacher, Christopher Beckmann, Patrick Keller, Helmut Reifeld, Wolfgang StockDec. 9, 2010
Malawi´s Economic and Development Model
Report of seminar held on 10 June 2010
Event Reports
June 14, 2010
The New Social Encyclical, ”Caritas in Veritate”, and Value Orientation in Development Policy
International Reports
Peter MoltAug. 31, 2009