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“A Progressive Idea of Style Awaiting Its Embodiment”: Global Governance Between G8 and G20
International Reports
Susanna VogtApr. 27, 2010
Media Programme Asia
Philip BehnkeDec. 31, 2010
Birzeit Legal Encounter - "Law, Politics, Social Sciences"
Event Reports
Palestinian Territories
Dec. 6, 2010
2. Economic Forum: Challenges and Opportunities of Social Proteccion Programmes in Malawi
Report of seminar held on 7 September 2010
Event Reports
Sep. 10, 2010
Bijan KhajehpourNov. 24, 2009
Conference programme "Social policy in China and Germany"
Event Reports
China Office
Oct. 30, 2008
The Social Challenge to Democracy in Latin America
International Reports
Peter Fischer-BollinOct. 6, 2008
The uncontested rise of social media in Asia
Media Programme Asia
Stephen QuinnApr. 16, 2010
European economic integration:
IPA Funds to stimulate economic transition and support a market economy
Event Reports
Macedonia Office
Nov. 20, 2009
Bringing the Best of the Private Sector to Development
Event Reports
Thailand Office
Oct. 22, 2010