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Close economic cooperation based on values is key to avoid future economic crises
Holger Haibach, German MP, inaugurates KAS conference on value based economic policies
Event Reports
Regional Programme Gulf States
Oct. 12, 2010
Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Rainer Haseloff (Saxony-Anhalt), visiting KAS Ramallah: Initiatives for Promoting Econ
Event Reports
Palestinian Territories
Dec. 2, 2008
Under Muslime Rule – On the Political and Social Situation of Egyptian Christians
International Reports
Andreas JacobsDec. 1, 2010
Honduras Seeks a New Social Contract
International Reports
Tjark Marten EgenhoffJan. 19, 2010
by Wang Yanzhong, Wei Anan et al.
China Office
Nov. 11, 2009
Social Cohesion in Europe and Latin America: The EU-LAC Summit in LIMA (May 15/16, 2008)
International Reports
Peter WeißAug. 18, 2008
Programme Report: Social Cohesion in Latin America on Local and Regional Level
Event Reports
European Office
Julia BeileJuly 10, 2008
China Office
Werner Eichhorst, Regina Konle-SeidlFeb. 25, 2008
Nepal´s National Interests II
Energy Security, Reviving the Economy
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Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia/Singapore
Nov. 22, 2010
Upheaval in Hungary
Fidesz-KDNP Achieves a Clear Two-Thirds Majority and the Socialists Are Voted Out
International Reports
Hans KaiserJune 28, 2010