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The Rise of the Gulf: Saudi Arabia as a Global Player
International Reports
Nicolás M. Depetris ChauvinApr. 27, 2010
India’s Economic Policy and the Necessity for a Financial Model
International Reports
David GregoszApr. 27, 2010
Facts and figures about the status and development of Namibia
Namibia and Angola Office
Oct. 5, 2009
Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Awards Management Certificates at Taybeh Oktoberfest
Event Reports
Palestinian Territories
Oct. 5, 2009
Czech Republic Office
Jan. 29, 2008
Information from the Department of International Cooperation
KAS International
June 17, 2010
Private Sector Contributes to Stability and Peace
Quartet-Envoy Tony Blair and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad at KAS
Country Reports
Palestinian Territories
Thomas BirringerMay 9, 2008
Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa
Sep. 8, 2010
The printed version
Media Programme Asia
Stephen Quinn, Kim KieransDec. 31, 2010
China Office
Frank Sauer, Stormy Mildner, Christoph Grams, M. A., Antje Nötzold, Dustin DehézSep. 12, 2010