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We implement projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Due to our long-standing experience in international projects, our internal know-how and our network of experts, we can develop and implement projects in the following areas:

Rule of Law: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Media Law, Economic Law, Company Law, Trade Law, Legislative Process, Human Rights

Economics: Macro-Economy, Micro-Economy, Small and Medium Enterprises, Trade Finance, Environment, Cooperatives, Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture

Management and Capacity Building: Project Management, Evaluation, Curricula Development, Training Methodology, Public Relations, Project Design, Human Resource Management

Politics: Governance, Public Administration, Parliamentary Procedures, Parliamentary Oversight, State Budget, Political Parties, Civic Education, Codes of Conduct, Government Structures and Work

Civil Society: Peace/Mediation, Gender, Minorities, Media Training, Media Management

Local Government: Local Democracy, Decentralisation, Fiscal Decentralisation, Local Administration, Regional Government, Development Planning


European Projects
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