European Projects


We implement projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Due to our long-standing experience in international projects, our internal know-how and our network of experts, we can develop and implement projects in the following areas:

  Rule of Law


  Management and
  Capacity Building

  Constitutional Law
  Administrative Law
  Media Law
  Economic Law
  Company Law
  Trade Law
  Legislative Process
  Human Rights

  Small and Medium
  Poverty Alleviation

  Project Management
  Curricula Development
  Training Methodology
  Public Relations
  Project Design
  Human Resources


  Civil Society

  Local Government

  Public Administration
  Parliamentary Procedures
  Parliamentary Oversight
  State Budget
  Political Parties
  Civic Education
  Codes of Conduct
  Government Structures
  and Work

  Civil Society
  Media Training
  Media Management

  Local Democracy
  Fiscal Decentralisation
  Local Administration
  Regional Government
  Development Planning


European Projects
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