Open Call for Panorama

Special Issue “Trust in Politics” of “Panorama – Insights into Asian and European Affairs”

Societies and states in Asia and Europe are facing severe challenges to social cohesion and the stability of the

state and polity. The rise of populism and strong-(wo)man politics, perceptions of governments’ inability to deal

with effects of digital disruption, increasing polarisation and rifts within the society, the decay of long-established parties and institutions, the rise of radicalism and extremism as well as the diminishing support for governments and national as well as multilateral institutions present significant changes and challenges for the hitherto established social and/or political order. While these challenges are diverse in nature, they share one essential thing: a link to the question of trust.

Which impact has the decline in citizens’ trust on state and society? Where does trust into institutions and fellow citizens come from? Why does citizens’ trust in established institutions appear to decrease? What has changed in the trust between former allies in the international order and multilateral institutions? Why does trust matter?

How can trust be built and how can it be restored? How can trust be measured after all? These are the questions

which shall be covered in a special issue on “Trust in Politics” in the biannual journal “Panorama – Insights

into Asian and European Affairs”.


Scholars of all stages of career and from various disciplines are invited to contribute their analyses to enhance

the understanding of what ‘trust in the political context’ means, where it comes from, when it is destroyed or

reduced and which impact the lack of trust has on regimes, international relations and society. Treated topics

can include, but are not limited to:

- Trust among citizens, social cohesion and social rifts

- Trust in the government/institutions and regime change

- Trust, political parties and polarisation

- Trust and international relations

- Trust and multilateral institutions

- Distrust in the government’s capability to handle complex problems, such as effects of digital disruption

- The meaning of trust in Asia and/or Europe.


Further ideas are most welcome, furthermore the areas of focus are not limited to Asia or Europe.


The Panorama journal is published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Regional Programme Political Dialogue

Asia in Singapore and has a wide distribution among policy makers, opinion leaders, academic institutions, social organisations, and media on both continents. It is available in print as well as online. Examples of the earlier editions can be found under https://www.kas.de/en/web/politikdialog-asien/panorama.

The final paper should be between 3.500 and 4.000 words excluding bibliography and footnotes and will be

published as the year’s second volume.


Interested? Please send us an abstract of 750 to 900 words until 31 March 2020 to Dr. La Toya Waha


Abstract: 750 – 900 words

Deadline: 31. March 2020

Send to: Dr. La Toya Waha (latoya.waha@kas.de)


Dr. La Toya Waha

Senior Programm-Managerin Multilateralität, Sicherheitspolitik, Südasien

latoya.waha@kas.de +65 6603 6167 +65 6227 8343