Parliaments in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Between Crisis Management, Civil Rights and Proportionality

von Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Karsten Grabow, Peter Hefele, Stefan Samse

Observations from Asia and the Pacific

This publication research project was a joint effort between KAS Head Office in Berlin and the Rule of Law Programme Asia entitled "Parliaments in the pandemic: between crisis, civic rights and proportionality".

The objective of this joint research study is to identify worrying issues (such as power struggle) encountered during the Pandemic whereby one might see a shift of power structures from the Parliament to that of the Executive Branch of the Government and gradually the parliaments may lose its importance in the areas of responsibilities.

The research project targetted the Asia-Pacific region with individual country reporting its own structural system of government on how they execute policies, laws etc.. in times of the Pandemic.  KAS had identified 9 countries namely, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea and Taiwan.