Public Finance For a Genuine Federal Democratic Union

von Stefan Collignon

An Introduction into Public Spending and Taxation Issues for Myanmar

Monetary and fiscal policies are important drivers of economic development. They contribute to economic and political stability.

In this book, the author, Prof. Stefan Collignon, wants to give an overview of the public finance issues involved so that policy makers from all sides can make informed choices that would help to accomplish the vision for a modern Myanmar.

This book is also available free of charge in a hardcopy, bilingual version. If you wish to have a copy, please contact the KAS Myanmar office

Also available for downloading here: the Burmese language version of this book



Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Ltd. (Myanmar Representative Office) and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, U.K.


Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Ltd. (Myanmar Representative Office)




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