Ties that Bind

China's Party-to-Party Diplomacy in Africa

In July 2021, the Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrated its centenary anniversary. The occasion served as an opportunity to accomplish at least three important goals for the CPC. This, to mention one goal, included taking advantage of the opportunity to expand the CPC's outreach by inviting more party leaders to engage with, learn from, and dialogue with the CPC.

Related to the latter, the CPC, in July, hosted the "World Political Parties Summit" with leaders of 500 political parties from across the globe. In his keynote address there, President Xi Jinping said the CPC would be "pressing ahead with the Chinese-style modernisation to make new contributions to humanity's search for ways to modernise."

There is a reason for China's push to make such contributions or to display how to fight poverty and achieve development. It is not altruism. To get a sense of what is really at play here, KAS Media Africa commissioned academic and author Dr. Lina Benabdallah. Her study puts the spotlight on China-Africa party-to-party relations.

"In order to better understand the dynamics, patterns and characteristics of these exchanges and their implications for Africa-China relations, this paper explores the broad trends of China-Africa party-to-party ties and examines the strengths and weaknesses of China's party-to-party diplomacy in Africa," explains Dr. Benabdallah, United States-based author of Shaping the Future of Power: Knowledge Production and Network-Building in China-Africa Relations.