Trade and Economic Connectivity in the Age of Uncertainty

Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs

With the global economy and trade system undergoing massive shifts,the need for global economic and trade cooperation has never been greater. With Asia and Europe representing 55% of global trade, it has become imperative for the both continents to strengthen their ties and uphold multilateralism and the rules-based free trade system.
Presenting our latest issue of  Panorama,  where we focus on the economic and trade connectivitybetween Asia and Europe. Our authors not only look at the US-China trade war butalso provide an overview of Asia-Europe relations in the age of rising uncertainty,including the development and implications of the Asia-Europe connectivity strategyand the Belt and Road Initiative. The impact of regional blocs on trade relations between Asia and Europe is also elucidated. Aside from the various multilateral andbilateral trade deals, the articles also look at other issues such as currency swap and bilateral agreements which help to forge a common bond between Asia andEurope.

Megha Sarmah

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Christian Echle, Megha Sarmah