Freedom and Democracy For Citizens in Venezuela and Cuba

Statement of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

In Cuba, people are demonstrating for the first time in many years against the dictatorial regime and in favour of freedom. The protests were brutally put an end to, and critics of the regime arrested. In Venezuela too, the Maduro regime is taking the toughest measures against political opposition.

Jürgen Hardt, spokesman for foreign politics of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, says:

“In Cuba the population’s many years of pent-up frustrations has erupted against the dictatorial communist regime. The standard of living has limped behind all other states in the region for years. The current food shortage is the result of the socialist planned economy and economy of scarcity.

We stand firmly alongside the citizens who are taking to the streets for freedom and democracy. That the communist regime is cracking down so hard against the demonstrators and is deliberately arresting their critics is an expression of their own powerlessness.  It is high time the Cuban Government finally hands over power and prepares the ground for democratic, free and fair elections. Only thus will Cuba have access to the global community, and only thus will the people of Cuba be able to live in freedom and self-determination.

In spite of the poverty within its own land, Cuba further supports the equally brutal Maduro regime in Venezuela. It is furthermore cynical for this regime in Caracas, in spite of ongoing negotiations concerning a political solution, to proceed with ruthless force against the opposition. We strongly condemn the flagrant abduction by the state security service of the opposition member Freddy Guevara and demand his immediate release. Likewise, it is scandalous that the security forces are harrying and intimidating the family and friends of the legitimate interim President Juan Guaidó.

We demand that the Maduro regime surrenders the power it has illegitimately taken upon itself and paves the way towards truly free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections. Only thus can Venezuela find the way back to stability and prosperity. And only thus can the humanitarian suffering and continuing migration crisis, by which Venezuela itself is first and foremost afflicted, be brought to an end.

It is important that, despite the persistent Corona pandemic and the forthcoming parliamentary elections, we do not lose sight of developments in Latin America. This is what the CDU/CDU Group stands for in the German parliament.”

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