BUILDx: Menschzentriertes Design als Schlüssel zur digitalen Transformation

Schließen Sie sich uns am kommenden Mittwoch an und treffen Sie den human-centered design Experten Johannes Landstorfer. Wir führen ein Einzelgespräch mit ihm im Rahmen der nächsten #BUILDx-Veranstaltung unseres Partners Build Palestine unter dem Titel: Menschzentriertes Design als Schlüssel zur digitalen Transformation. Diese Veranstaltung dient Unternehmern sowie Sozialunternehmern, die nach menschzentrierten Tools suchen, die sie in ihren Organisationen anwenden können.


Buildx Event mit dem Designexperten Johannes Landstorfer
Buildx Event mit dem Designexperten Johannes Landstorfer

Service design. Co-design. User-centricity. These concepts are used to drive innovation in big companies to help adjust to new digital environments. The social sector seems to be completely different but faces a digital transformation as well. Are there similar challenges? Can we use similar concepts and methods in both worlds? What learnings can be transferred in order to support the digital change in a huge non-profit organization?

In Partnership with Fikra - PalTel innovation Hub, we’re hosting Johannes Landstorfer to address the above concepts.

Since early 2019, Johannes Landstorfer is Coordinator Digital Agenda with the German Caritas Association and directly assigned to the board of management. He is responsible for linking the various digital activities in the association strategically and for driving forward topics like data analytics and internet governance. Previously, he spent ten years with the design consultancy IXDS, analysing manufacturing processes in Bosch factories, researching user needs for Deutsche Telekom or consulting Wikimedia Germany. He holds a diploma in visual design from Mannheim and an M.A. in interaction design from Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

*Note: This event will be conducted in English

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