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The Konrad-Adenauer- Foundation and the Institute for Political Studies have planned to arrange and release a special publication on the 30th anniversary of the multi-party system establishment in Albania, focusing on the balance sheet and challenges over these 30 years of transition.

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Main publication topics focus on the political system analysis, elections and representation, political culture, elites’ role, inheritance and breaking with the past, economic reforms and their balance sheet, human rights, foreign politics and external influences, justice system and independent institutions, cultural changes, education and science, security institutions, migration, civil society role, social movements etc.

Participation in the said publication will not be open to all applicants, but will rather aim at the selection of the most 13-17 professional and representative experts, in line with the exigency for the publication to reflect all thematic issues. The selected experts’ contribution will be humbly remunerated by the organizers.

The forum/conference details will be made public in June 2020. We are providing below the preliminary technical data on publication only:

  • Abstract submission is due 30.04.2020 (400 words, 3-5 key words, short CV)
  • Confirmation to participate in the publication is due 15.05.2020
  • Full paper will be submitted before 30.07.2020 (6-8 thousand words, Times News Roman, 12 font, 1.0 space)
  • The full paper may be submitted in Albanian, or English.

We encourage a wide variety of ideas and perspectives on themes to be presented. As enshrined by the international academic debate norms and values, we will consider no paper that is offensive, discriminating against, polemical, or seeking to advance a national or party-bound political stance.


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