Citizens Conversation with Elected Public Officials in Oyo State

KAS in partnership with National Orientation Agency will be bringing elected public officials in Oyo State together with the electorates in a crucial meeting, where ideas will be exchange and discussions on expectations of the citizens shall be tabled before the Members of the Oyo State House of Assembly.

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Sämtliche öffentlichen Präsenzveranstaltungen finden aufgrund der aktuellen Situation bis Ende Mai nicht statt oder werden wenn möglich in digitalen Formaten umgesetzt.
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This one-day meeting being the first after the elections in early 2019, will allow an interaction between the elected officials and the electorates after a presentation by Prof. S. O. Ajitoni – Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education, followed by a panel discussion. The constitutional mandates of legislators shall be introduced and explained to the participants, and recommendations harvested for the legislators. Expected at this event are civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, political parties, trade unions, security agencies, youths, and journalists among others.
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Ibadan, Oyo State

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