Erhaltung und sozio-ökologische Übergänge


Activity in the framework of the XVII Biennial IASC Conference, entitled ‘In Defense of the Commons: Challenges, Innovation, and Action’


The concept of Socioecological Transitions towards Sustainability (TSS) arises from the need to make a management of biodiversity based on the recognition that the relationships of the human being with nature present deep interdependencies that make up socioecological systems, which undergo changes, some of they are possibly inevitable, driven by human action in synergy with global environmental changes. These profound transformations inexorably affect the well-being of communities and, eventually, their survival.

In this context, it is necessary to propose a management of biodiversity explicitly linked to human well-being, to be applied in the midst of the processes of change, which seeks to maintain the social, ecological and economic viability of the territory (such as conservation areas).. This management, in addition, could contribute to add flexibility into socio-ecological systems in the face of the challenge of managing and adapting to climate change.

For questions, please write to Maria Fernanda Pineda, Maria.Pineda@kas.de

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