Green Recovery Plans in Asia-Pacific

Governments in Asia Pacific are implementing different measures to mitigate the impacts of coronavirus on the society. KAS RECAP organizes a series of online workshops to discuss the green elements of the recovery plans in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and Thailand.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the globe are working toward recovery plans for the time after the lockdown. Most of these plans are highly debated in terms of aligning economic stimulus packages with climate and energy transition targets or other sustainable goals.

KAS RECAP is launching a series of virtual workshops in Asia-Pacific in order to identify and examine those debates. The main objective of this workshop series is to map the discussions on significance of green measures in stimulus packages in Asia-Pacific countries and to compare them with each other. The outcome of the workshop series will be published in a report on KAS RECAP website.

The workshop series is going to take place in a closed online workshop format (i.e. Zoom) with 4-7 country experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds. The workshop will be moderated by KAS RECAP.

The event is a closed online workshop. Participation is only by personal invitation.

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Dr. Christian Hübner


Leiter des Regionalprogramms Energiesicherheit und Klimawandel Asien und Pazifik

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