KAS E-lection Bridge Asia - Pacific 2019

2019 is an election year for most of the Asian countries and for the entire Europe. With the threats to democracy continue to persist, this conference will tackle the issues on the influence of military, ethnicity, and religion in democratic elections. The meeting will also explore the future of digital campaigning considering the advancement of information and communication technologies. At the same time, the experts will share best practice examples and discuss recently held and upcoming elections in the region. Main speaker of the conference is Dr. Klaus Schüler, who was the main campaign manager behind the last four successful election campaigns of Germany's governing party CDU.


KAS E-lection Bridge Asia – Pacific 2019
KAS E-lection Bridge Asia – Pacific 2019

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) aims to promote international dialogue and understanding. Our regional programme in Singapore organises international conferences, training programmes for members of political parties and civil society organisations, political dialogue between parliamentarians and politicians within Asia and between Asia and Europe, as well as dialogue and exchange between policy makers and representatives of think tanks from Europe and Asia.

In 2013, KAS has established the “E-lection Bridge Asia – Pacific” to facilitate a dialogue platform on elections and campaigning for our partner parties in the region. Once a year, we invite the strategy and campaigning experts of these parties to share their experiences, discuss the latest trends in campaigning and engage common strategic challenges. The conferences have taken place in Thailand, South Korea, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Malaysia.

We are pleased to update and present the details for the next E-lection Bridge Conference in Yangon, Myanmar from 9th to 12th of June 2019. As in the previous years, we are honoured to have Dr. Klaus Schüler with us, who is the mastermind behind the fourth consecutive successful election for CDU Germany and the party’s chairwoman Angela Merkel in 2017. In addition to his insights, we will also discuss recent elections in the region such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Thailand.

We invite people from Asian political parties who are responsible for or deeply in-volved into an election campaign. Additionally, we invite campaign managers from the German Christian Democratic Party (CDU). The participants need to be able to share their experiences freely (in English language) and be open to discussions with other campaign managers from Asia. The conference language will be English.


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Yangon, Myanmar


E-Lection Bridge Asia-Pacific 2019
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KAS E-lection Bridge Asia – Pacific 2019