Perception of the Planned EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in Asia Pacific




To combat climate change, the EU intends to introduce a carbon border adjustment mechanism (EU CBAM) that will ensure that the price of imports reflects more accurately the carbon content of the goods. This type of mechanism has not been successfully introduced before on a large scale and the reaction of the EU’s trading partners to the measure will be critical for its success. Supported by KAS RECAP, GlobalScan conducted a regional survey in 2020. It explores the perceptions of stakeholders and experts in Asia Pacific on the introduction of the EU CBAM, focusing on eight key-impact countries – Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. These countries make up four of the top 10 import partners for the EU (China, Japan, South Korea and India) and are among the top 10 largest economies in Asia Pacific. As such, the reactions from these countries will greatly determine the level of acceptance or resistance the EU will face in implementing the mechanism. Other countries in Asia Pacific will also be influenced greatly by the reactions of these eight countries.

The webinar will present and discuss the results of the survey with climate and energy experts in Asia Pacfic and Europe.

The event is a closed online workshop. Participation is by personal invitation only.

The survey can be downloaded at

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  • Dr. Christian Hübner
  • Dr. Daniel Bergin
    • GlobeScan

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