The Transformation from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0

the Challenges face the Universities

• Information systematization regarding practices and trends in Europe, Bulgarian and German economy in the field of digital manufacturing and planning on the principles of Industry 4.0 – lessons learnt; • Information and good practices from Bulgaria and Germany exchange regarding organization of expert teams at municipal and regional level in order to support establishment of national and regional policies, pilot projects and practical approaches for development of new digital paradigm in the field of Industry 5.0 , Society 5.0 and initialization of University 5.0; • Discussion and popularization of solutions for the new paradigm of manufacturing and education in favour of municipal policies and citizens in Bulgaria; • Sustainable enhancing of institutional cooperation between Ministries in charge, municipalities, social-economic partners, business and local administrative authorities towards Society 5.0 in connection with University 5.0; • Popularization of the Project`s outcomes among BIA`s structures supporting the Digital Industry and Society;
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