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von Cristita Marie Perez

Remote work isn’t for everyone

A research in progress initiated by the IMF estimates that around 97.3 million workers or equivalent to about 15 percent of the workforce across 35 advanced and emerging countries are at a high risk of layoffs and furloughs.

Key findings include:


  1. These workers are in occupations that require physical presence at the workplace and/or a high level of personal proximity, limiting the scope of #telework or working from home. These include the accommodation, food services, transportation, and retail and wholesale sectors. 
  2. Vulnerable workers tend to be young, without a college degree, are in less secure work arrangements (e.g. temporary contracts or are self-employed) and are often employed in small and medium enterprises. 
  3. Policy makers should take into account these demographic and distributional considerations to craft responses that would lessen the inequality brought about by the #COVID19 pandemic. 

Cristita Marie Perez

Cristita Marie Perez KAS

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