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Open call: “China's Security and Defense Cooperation in Central Asia and its relevance to Europe”

Call for Applications - Author(s) for a short study

We are looking to hire one or several author(s) to conduct a short study on “China´s Security and Defense Cooperation in Central Asia and its relevance to Europe”.

In the domain of security and defence our programs and initiatives aim to enhance the cooperation between the European Union, NATO and their global partners in Africa, Asia, the Americas and in Oceania. In this work we cooperate closely with around 100 worldwide KAS offices.
Within this engagement MDPD commissions scientific studies in collaboration with specialized partners and local experts.

In this context, we are looking to hire one or several author(s) to conduct a short study on “China´s Security and Defense Cooperation in Central Asia and its relevance to Europe”.



The study will:  

1. Present and discuss China´s current engagement in the security and defence domain in Central Asia;
2. Analyse China´s main strategic priorities and tools that support this engagement and reflect them to the political situation in the region;
3. Discuss the challenges and possibilities that China´s engagement brings to European stakeholders (e.g. EU, NATO) in the field of security and defence;
4. Based on the analysis, present policy recommendations for relevant European decision makers (e.g. EU, NATO).



The study should provide answers to the following questions:  

- Which Central Asian countries are of particular interest to China, in terms of security policy, and why?
- What are the major differences between Central Asian countries´ views on security and military cooperation with China?
- What are the implications of China´s security engagement with Central Asian countries for European actors (EU, NATO, Russia)?


Main responsibilities & tasks include:

- Compiling a short scientific study, 20-30 pages in text format, based on literature analysis and background interviews conducted by the author(s);
- Visualising (pictures, diagrams etc.) the central elements of the study;

-  Coordinating the study and its structure closely together with KAS MDPD and with other KAS offices in the region;
- Presenting the study with KAS MDPD at an (online or offline) event in Brussels;
- Presenting the study in a podcast;
- Taking part in other activities regarding the presentation of the study;
- Deliver the interim and final product in a timely manner. The deadline of the first draft is the 15th of December 2021.





- At least 5 years of relevant professional experience in the field of security and defence, preferably focusing on European, Chinese and/or Central Asian security and defence policies;
- Fluency in English (both, spoken and written);
- Relevant professional experience in the field of political journalism, research, analysis as well as an existing relevant network in the region are considered to be an asset;
- Chinese and Russian skills are considered as an asset;
- Other previous engagement in Central Asia is considered an asset;
- Participation in international or regional policy meetings, such as diplomatic forums, working groups, high-level political meetings, policy workshops etc., is considered an asset.



Application Procedure

Candidates should address their applications to:


Mr Denis Schrey, Head of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue,

and Mr Janne Leino, Programme Manager for Foreign and Security Policy,

via - Deadline: 20 October 2021 12:00 AM CET


Applications should include:

o CV, including links to published articles and studies on relevant topics
o Cover letter (max. 1 page)
o An outline for a possible table of content for the study (max. 2 pages)
o Detailed service price quote for the assignment




Denis Schrey

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Janne Leino

Janne Leino (2021)

Programm-Manager Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik / Multilateralismus +32 2 66931-72 +32 2 66931-62

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