German-Afghan Research Forum (GARF 1)

NCPR's First Winter School

The German Afghan Research Forum was conceived in August 2006 as a major initiative to introduce research methodology to the three Faculties of Kabul University represented at the NCPR: Law & Political Science, Economics, and Social Science.


The Forum was envisaged as having 4 main objectives:

a) to strengthen the links between the Centre and the corresponding Faculties at Kabul University (KU).

b) to promote the culture of research at these faculties

c) to train both faculty and top students in research methodology on an intensive and ongoing basis

d) to create a pool of researchers from which the Centre would draw for carrying out its own research projects, and offer researchers to other institutions in Kabul

In order to achieve these objectives a two-month course in research methodology was planned and devised for 60 members of the three corresponding Faculties at Kabul University. These included 10 lecturers and 10 students from each Faculty, so that in all, 30 lecturers and 30 students were trained. Trainees were offered ‘scholarships’ to attend, and were paid only upon completion of the entire course and final project. Non-attendance at daily sessions was penalized each time.

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  • Dr. Fischer
    • Prof. Dr Muhammad Qasim Jamder
      • Prof. Mostafawi
        • Prof. Alawi
          • Prof. Zedran
            • Prof. Sayyar
              • Prof. Mowahed
                • Dr. Babak Khalatbari

                  Dr. Babak Khalatbari

                  Head of the KAS office in Pakistan


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