Launching the NCPR's Catalogue of Studies 2007

09:00 - 16:00

On Thursday 15 March 2007, the NCPR plans to held a reception at the Serena Hotel, aimed at presenting its research projects for 2007.


On Thursday 15th of March 2007, the National Center for Policy Research (NCPR) held a reception at the Serena Hotel, aimed at presenting its research projects for 2007, and handing out Certificates of Appreciation to participants in its 2006 ‘German Afghan Research Forum’ (GARF) training in research methodology.

The Catalogue of Studies

In Afghanistan today there is an essential need for coordinated research. The National Centre for Policy Research has therefore taken up the task of assembling a Catalogue of Studies on topical issues relating to the present social, economic, judicial and political problems facing the country. After conducting a number of workshops and consulting scholars, educationalists and officials, altogether 90 subjects were found to be of particular importance. They cover the fields of Law, Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. Each of the Centre’s three departments is in charge of 30 subjects. Of these, each department will choose one or two topics for research in the year 2007. The research on these subjects will be funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, which established the Centre, together with Kabul University, in 2003.

The aim of these studies is to provide information and guidelines for all those involved in policy development: government, NGOs, donors, and others. Therefore, each study will include a survey of facts and documents, aimed at arriving at an overview, offer an analysis of this overview, and suggest a number of recommendations for the development of appropriate policy.

The Catalogue of Studies has been designed as a consultation tool to allow input into the final choice of research by those involved in research and policy-making. It contains three lists of 30 research topics, corresponding to the Centre’s three departments. These lists have been designed as questionnaires, allowing consulting organizations and individuals the opportunity to rate each topic in accordance with the degree of priority they attach to it. Rating is done on a scale of 1-10, with 1 denoting highest priority, and 10 the lowest. Consulting organizations and individuals are asked to rate every topic on the basis of this scale.

Once the consultation process is over, and the questionnaires have been returned, an assessment process will lead to the choosing of each department’s research topic for the year 2007. The chosen researches will be carried out by teams of researchers trained in research methodology by the Centre, under the personal supervision of Department Heads. The findings of each research will be presented in a final report, which will be published and disseminated by the end of 2007.

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