Belarus: Zeit den Wandel zu gestalten

Jahreskonferenz des Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)

Internationale Experten aus Wissenschaft und Politik diskutieren auf dieser zweiten Jahreskonferenz von BISS über die kurz- und mittelfristigen Perspektiven für Belarus. Ziel ist es, den aktuellen Wandel zu analysieren und mit zu gestalten.


In the run-up to the critical political cycle that will end up in 2011 presidential elections, there is a need to reflect on the following issues:

•What is the nature of change that is underway in Belarus? Is it ‘liberalization’ or ‘erosion’ of the regime? Whether it is worthwhile to expect that this change will lead to political opening and economic reform?

•What can be learned from the attempts of staging a ‘dialogue’ with Lukashenka? How the EU conditionality can be improved and made more efficient?

•What are the most realistic scenarios for Belarus’ development towards 2011 presidential elections and beyond? Is it revolutionary or evolutionary change that can be expected? Can the change be achieved as a win-win solution for major stakeholders, including the regime, the opposition, West, and Russia?

BISS conference can provide a venue for an honest discussion on what was of promoting change in Belarus is more realistic. BISS staff and associates will moderate discussions and will give them impetus by presenting most relevant findings from its political, economic, and sociological studies that would lay down the framework for understanding the nature of change in Belarus.

All in all, the new BISS conference will have the following goals:

•Reflection on nature and the direction of change occurring in Belarus;

•Mapping out scenarios for the mid-term future;

•Producing relevant policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders on the best possible strategies of promoting political, economic, and social changes in Belarus.

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Stephan Malerius

Stephan Malerius

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Belarus_ Zeit den Wandel zu gestalten

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