Media, advocacy and leadership

Academy for political leaders

Project ”Academy for political leaders” aims to engage youth activists in political parties and to create a new generation of politicians ready to cooperate in work for benefit of their communities.


In public opinion development media is key factor now days. The basis of this module is how to get media space and how to transfer strong message to public through media.

Good preparation is necessary for efficient media presentation. Academy for political leaders will provide information about work of media, their interests and ways of communication with media and journalists through press conference, public realises, TV and radio declares. However, sending message and waiting for results is not enough if certain changes are suppose to be achieved. Lobbing and public advocacy are specific models of communication with public and authorities as well. Participants will get opportunity to learn more about these models of making their work influential.

Oratory and leadership will be represented in this module as well. How to make creative and inspired speech and how to act behind tribune participants will hear from experienced orators and politicians.

Taking good image, public appearance and communication with media and public into consideration is necessary for qualitative political engagement. Each segment will be underlined by video material presenting famous politicians from BiH and region what will give participants the opportunity to comment their speech, oratory skills, ways of dressing and attitude in general.

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