A convergence code for the Euro Area – Paper tiger or efficient policy tool?

European and global experiences with benchmarks

The BDI/KAS Working Group on the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) deals with the strengthening of the architecture of the euro area.


Experts from politics, business, administration and academia meet four times a year under Chatham House Rule to elaborate solutions to current challenges of the EMU. Among others, the topics include economic and fiscal governance, convergence of the EMU member states, consequences of the Brexit referendum. BDI and KAS publish the results of the debates in policy papers and circulate them to policy makers and opinion leaders on the European and German level.

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  • Mr. Servaas Deroose(Deputy Director-General DG ECFIN
    • European Commission)
      • Mr. Alvaro Santos Pereira (Director of the Country Studies Branch OECD)
        • Burkahrd Balz (Member of the European ParliamentEPP Group)

          Kai Zenner