Terror, Asymmetric Conflicts and Failing States

European-Israeli Dialogue on National Security and Regional Stability

Rarely have the EU and Israel shared so many common threats and interests as in this period of failing states, terrorism and porous borders. This conference will address the challenge to find answers on ensuring stability and security.



Rarely have the European Union and Israel shared so many common threats and interests as in this period of failing states, Islamist terrorism and porous borders. With a long experience in battling terrorism, Israel is confronted with an increasingly fragile and unpredictable region, where national borders are vanishing and terror organizations have become significant military players in control of large swaths of territory.

Meanwhile, the European Union can no longer insulate itself from the upheaval in its southern neighbourhood. Thousands of radical Muslims have joined ISIS and pose intractable security challenges upon their return. These foreign fighters have carried out increasingly violent terror attacks in the heart of Europe as police and security services warn of more mass casualty attacks against soft targets. At the same time, the Middle East war zones have created millions of refugees, threatening the stability of neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan. In Europe, the unprecedented influx of refugees pose enormous economic, social and integration challenges, thus testing EU solidarity, open borders and security interests.

This conference will not only illustrate the common threats for Israel and the European Union, but also address the challenge to find answers on how to ensure regional stability and security.

Military and counter-terrorism experts, policy makers and diplomats will discuss the following issues: How can urban security be maintained in the age of home-grown terrorism? What can the European Union learn from Israeli counter terrorism expertise? How can we better cooperate to help stabilizing the Middle East?

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La Bibliothèque Solvay, Parc Léopold, Rue Belliard 137, 1040 Brussel


  • MEP Michael Gahler
    • MEP Cristian Dan Preda
      • Dr. Anat Hochberg-Marom
        • Dr. Israel Elad Altman
          • Dr. Jamie Shea
            • Yoram Schweitzer
              • Brigadier General (res.) Nitzan Nuriel
                • Dr. Peter Spoor

                  Tina Mercep


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