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The EU - the founding principle, structure and functionality

13 young academics from countries of the eastern parts of Europe are coming to Brussels in order to experience the European Union first-hand. The participants come from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


The European Union is unique in its structure and its way that decisions are taken. Nevertheless, the EU faced a lot of challenges in the last decades. What we call EU is thus the result of an ongoing integration process that influences the everyday life of the European citizens.

The 13 young academics distinguish themselves in a competition of the representations of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung abroad. All of them have participated in a variety of workshops of the KAS concerning the EU. The highlight of the workshop session will be this trip to Brussels which aims for making the European Union with its organisation, functionality as well as values and history even more accessible for the participants.

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