Processes of Transnational Communication in the Age of Digital Media

On April 17th Prof. Dr. Schwarz-Schilling, former federal minister and expert on media communication processes, will deliver a speech on the role of the new media in politics and society.


The Chinese media landscape is constantly evolving. Scientific research, economic foresight and technological developments have brought the country closer and closer to a modern media society. The internet - as one of those developments –confronts policy-makers and society with new challenges.

In this context Prof. Dr. Schwarz-Schilling will draw on his wealthy experience, characterized by 50 years of in-depth research, to discuss the utility and significance of the new media and its importance to state and society. In addition he will address future opportunities and trends of media research in China as well as the world.

This event is part of a series of venues organized by KAS/Beijing in which experts from China and Germany analyze the manifold aspects of transnational communication processes in the age of digital media.

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  • Professor Dr. Schwarz-Schilling
    • Bundesminister a.D.

      Thomas Awe

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