Symposium and Investor Conference

City of the Future: Sino-German Ecopark as Centre for Innovative Technology and Investment

KAS Shanghai, Far Eastern and the Sino-German Ecopark jointly organize the Symposium and Investor Conference Sino-German Ecopark. The event is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)and the German Embassy Beijing.


The topics of urbanization and city planning are currently debated throughout developing nations worldwide. Especially in China, the government has issued ambitious plans to integrate another 200 Mio. people into its expanding cities. The issues surrounding urbanization have been prioritized on the political agenda and include the following topics of debate: changes in society, safeguarding energy supply, means of mobility, structural resource planning and management.

The need to introduce greater sustainability with regard to the Chinese economy and natural environment is especially critical. Nowadays, the process of urbanization requires not merely jobs but also environmentally friendly and resource protecting infrastructures. Industries and their corporations are therefore shifting closer towards service- and knowledge based economies in which profit is made through technological development and innovation is achieved by highly skilled employees.

The Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao delivers excellent conditions for innovative investors and forerunners of future developments in China. In this centre for collaboration, pioneering solutions are created by bringing together sustainable technologies and international business expertise.

We invite you to participate in the

Symposium and Investor Conference Sino-German Ecopark on December 2nd and 3rd at the

Qingdao Garden Hotel (VIP HOUSE 2nd Floor Multi-Hall) (Venue has changed)

Qingdao Shinan District Zhanghua Road No. 6 in Qingdao

and join local policy and decision makers alongside experts from science and business in discussing the possibilities and opportunities for projects within the Sino-German Ecopark.

Conference language is German and Chinese (simultaneous translation will be provided).

Please register via Email ( or Fax: +86 (0) 10 5822 1049

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Qingdao Garden Hotel


  • Prof. Dr. WANG Hui (Xiamen University)
    • Prof. DONG Nannan (TongJi University)
      • Christian JUNGE (Urbanlogic)
        • ZHAO
          • Shiyu (Sino-German Ecopark)
            • Dr. Kristina HEUßNER (German Embassy Beijing)
              Ökopark Qingdao