The Role of New Media in the Political Decision Making Process

A KAS/Beijing organized seminar focused on the interaction of digital media and transnational communication processes as well as its effect on political decision making.


Public communication goes beyond national borders. This is an essential part of today’s globalization. The process of internationalization affects the political, cultural, and economical dimension and is an unavoidable effect of the age of modern media. For both private and state actors the internet provides possibilities to impinge on the political and civil decision making process.

From this perspective experts of different disciplines discussed the transformation of Chinese society into a communication society. What chances and what difficulties exist? Which European experiences allow conclusions in terms of discourses on communication and media in China? In which way can transnational communication processes be vitalized?

This seminar was part of a series of venues organized by KAS/Beijing in which experts from China and Germany analyzed the manifold aspects of transnational communication processes in the age of digital media.

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  • Professor Dr. Schwarz-Schilling
    • Bundesminister a.D.

      Thomas Awe

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      Auslandsbüro China