Sustainable use of resources in the extractive industries: the role of local content provisions

Local content provisions in the extractive industries: Efforts by national and regional actors to support enterprise development as part of the value chain.

Sub-Sahara Africa possesses one of the largest shares of resources in the world. However, the mining industries have failed to contribute to social and economic growth for the larger population. The conference aims to discuss how local value chains can become more sustainable in order to generate economic growth and opportunities for everyone. At the same time the access to raw materials from African countries is essential for manufacturing industries worldwide in order to secure a transition to green energy technologies. The conference combines both aspects and will discuss the roles and responsabilities of different actors to support these social and economic transitions to achieve sustainable development for all.



Organizer: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change Sub-Saharan Africa, based in Yaoundé, Cameroon in cooperation with South African Institute of Internationale Affaires (SAIIA), South Africa


Target groups: 

  • Sector experts in ministries of mining and other relevant ministries
  • Representatives of public and private mining entities
  • Civil Society engaged in questions of sustainable value chains
  • (Academic) experts on sustainable value chains in the extractive industries


Objectives: This conference will bring together policy makers, experts and academics from Southern African countries to exchange knowledge, to discuss and formulate answers to the questions above. The aim is to generate ideas and recommendations that will result in a position paper document to be published as a conference’s proceeding.


Themes: Assessing the current situation on the sustainability of resources from the extracting industries with a focus on local value chains as well as related challenges, the attending experts will contribute their expertise in two themes:

  • Enhance the discussion on how to improve the sustainability of local value chains: Opportunities and challenges, innovative strategies and the role of policy
  • Enhance the discussion on regulatory frameworks of local value chains: what are the roles and responsibilities of different actors (state actors, private entities and civil society)


The conference welcomes actors and players from governmental, academic and civil society and will be divided into

  1. Panel discussions and
  2. discussions

The first session will consist of two panel discussions. After this, participants will be divided into two round tables, each one addressing on of the questions highlighted below.


Schedule and Venue: The conference will be held in Gaborone, Botswana. It will start on the evening of July 17 with an informal welcome dinner and will finish with the closing ceremony of the conference on July 18.


Cost: Participation costs (round trip economic flight ticket, hotel and food, visa fees) for the conference will be covered for selected participants from outside Botswana. Self-funded participation of interested individuals from academia, civil society, mining industries and decision making is welcomed.


Working Languages: The working language will be English.


Documents for registration: Participants should submit the following documents:

  • Short biography (150 words maximum);
  • Updated short CV (3 pages maximum);
  • Passport data page.


Further Information: For further inquiry do not hesitate to contact the organizers at the email address: armand.lele@kas.de 


NB: The event will be accompanied by photographs. By registering, participants declare their consent that the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change Sub-Saharan Africa will use the photos taken before, during or after the event for press and public relations purposes.

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Sustainable Extractive Industries: The Role of Local Content provisions: Policy brief
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