Energy efficiency in the SICA countries

von Fernando Anaya

Analysis and recommendations of public policy

Research paper by Fernando Anaya, IBD consultant

Faced with the prospect of achieving optimal use of energy resources at the lowest possible cost and environmental impact, it is essential that the innovation efforts and the supply of goods and services be oriented towards technologies that derive energy-efficient processes. For the countries originally members of the Central American Integration System (SICA), this good use of energy allows strengthening the competitiveness and sustained growth of their economies.

The objective of this technical note is to review the emphasis that energy efficiency has had in the SICA countries during the 2008 – 2018 period and to identify recommendations towards public policy aimed at increasing the deployment of measures. The document analyzes the macroeconomic and energy context by country, disaggregated by energy consumption sector and source. The policies and drivers of energy efficiency in the countries are then identified. Next, the aspects that have an influence on their implementation are described and, finally, public policy recommendations are presented.



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