Forum of Pan-Amazonian Cities (FCPA)

I Presential Session of 2023

On May 11 and 12, the city of Florencia in the department of Caquetá (Colombia) will host the first session of the 2023 Pan-Amazon Cities Forum.



This forum was created in 2020 to strengthen the representativeness and capacity for regional and international advocacy of local governments in the Amazon region. It is a space that promotes the exchange of experiences and decentralized regional cooperation, especially focused on initiatives for sustainable urban and territorial development.

The event seeks to promote the exchange of experiences among Amazonian cities in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador and to facilitate commitment to regional and international biodiversity and climate change agendas.

Mayors of Amazonian cities in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and several key institutional representatives for the Pan-Amazonian Cities Forum will attend, including Luis Antonio Ruiz, Mayor of Florencia, Luz Marina Mantilla Cárdenas, General Director of the SINCHI Institute, Braulio Díaz Castro, Manager of the Amazonian Cities Forum, and Luz Marina Mantilla Cárdenas, General Director of the SINCHI Institute, Braulio Díaz Castro, Institutional Relations and Advocacy Manager of ICLEI South America, Alejandro González, Director of ICLEI Colombia, Robert Helbig, Acting Director of the Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America, EKLA-KAS and Anuska Soares, Project Coordinator of the EKLA Regional Program.

Special guests such as the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia, the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador (AME), the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) and the Amazonia Emprende Foundation and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, GCoM, Asocapitales, among others, will also participate.

(Closed event, by invitation only).


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