Zero Carbon Connection

von Karina Marzano Franco

1st Latin American Climate Business Fair

In June, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), through its Regional Program Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA) organized together with Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Latin America through its CDP Cities program the ZERO CARBON CONNECTION: 1st Latin American Climate Business Fair, in São Paulo. The event focused on solutions that aim at transforming business and political models in order to reverse climate change and, at the same time, generate value and prosperity

Climate change is one of the most important threats facing the planet today, and cities play a crucial role in solving the problem by concentrating more than half of the world's population, consuming most of the energy, and being vulnerable to climate risks. In the face of this, by acting locally and collaboratively, cities have a significant global impact through the implementation of sustainability practices.

The two-day event included lectures, panels and business with companies, governments, investors, opinion formers and representatives of civil society participating from Brazil and other countries, such as Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Canada. It was possible to facilitate strategic dialogues between municipalities and key actors in the private sector about new forms of financing green and climate resilient infrastructure and to raise awareness and broaden the influence of the discussion to reach political actors.

Further information on the event and its outcomes is available  in the publication that EKLA-KAS did together with CDP, "Opportunities for private investments in sustainable infrastructure projects in Latin American Cities".


Karina Marzano Franco