2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival

A gathering of leading journalists, editors and innovators from around the world

Journalists from Africa attend with the support of the Media Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa to bring their respective perspectives, knowledge and experiences from Africa into discussions.


The International Press Institute hosted its annual World Congress and Media Innovation Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from the 22-24 May, 2024. Focused on the theme “Navigating Crises: Journalism at a Turning Point”, the congress allowed for intercontinental exchange and collaboration between media professionals, thought leaders and innovators to explore new solutions, foster understanding and critically examine the role of media in addressing crises in our time.


The ceremony commenced with a presentation on the role of media during the Siege of Sarajevo, which underlined the safety risks and other threats faced by journalists during times of conflict.  The opening ceremony resonated the vital importance and role of journalists reporting on conflict and the power of resilience from media practitioners under extreme pressures from across the world.


With support from KAS Media Africa five journalists from Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, and South Africa participated bringing to the forefront an African perspective into discussions.

Tackling topics such as upholding press freedom during times of conflict and the resilience of journalists and media outlets adapting and preserving to protect the flow of free news. The shared experiences of developing innovative strategies when managing news organisations through crisis, from conflict and climate change, the pressure on democratic institutions and seeing how to overcome challenges and forging innovative revenue, distribution and editorial pathways.


A special screening of the documentary "Silenced" a powerful story of investigative journalism in South Africa, tells the story of Babita Deokara, a corruption whistleblower within the Gauteng Department of Health. She was assassinated in a hit-style killing outside her south Johannesburg home in August 2021, the screening followed a Q&A session presented by Jeff Wicks.



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Mwange Muganza

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