The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung together with Tamale Ecclesiastical Province Pastoral Conference (TEPPCON) organized a one week seminar from 25th – 30th August 2014 at Kumbugu and Savelugu under the agreement ‘TEPPCON/KAS Peace Program’

For the past twenty – five years KAS has been sponsoring TEPPCON to organize workshops to sensitize people on issues about conflict and also train them with the skills of handling conflict when it occurs. Reports have shown that Northern Ghana has seen various forms of conflict over the century, hence, the focus precisely on Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

Due to the recurring nature of conflicts in the Northern part of Ghana, the civic team of TEPPCON with its resource person from the United Nations Peace council chose the theme “Sustaining Peace through Mediation in Northern Ghana”. During the workshop, the civic team sort to make participants appreciate conflicts, dynamics of conflicts and its effects on the people and also introduced the best way of handling conflicts in any event.

The resource person used his skills to train and equip participants in the use of mediation to resolve conflicts; knowing that mediation as a method of handling conflict is the only way to bring sustainable peace to the North.

The resource person concluded by emphasizing that the use of mediation has been proven to produce good results and needs to be replicated in other conflicts in the North to yield a sustainable peaceful environment to enhance development processes.