Inclusive Leadership in Times of Crisis

Tackling topics of Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity during the time of the Pandemic.


In the 22nd Konrad Adenauer Foundation co-organizes wiht the NGO Women on Top, Commit and PwC the Online Conference for equality in businesses, with inlusive leadership in the times of crisis being its main subject. 


The conference will run online in the Platform Hopin, and will include a keynote on the international corporate ecosystem, best practices from the field of inclusive leadership during the times of the pandemic from distinguished companies and foundations, and workshop sessions from experienced trainers  for managers, HR managers and communication specialists, who would like to develop the necessary competences in order to create an inclusive and more equal working environment in Greece. 


If you are a specialist on each of these fields, you may apply for up to two sessions under the following link: Apply here


The program of the Conference and the training sessions follows below.



15.45-16.00 Sound Check, online coffee and networking


16.00-16.10 Welcoming Remarks

            Henri Bohnet, Director, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Greece and Cyprus

            Stella Kasdagli and Pinelopi Theodorakakou, Co-Founders, Women on Top


16.10-16.30 “Getting Real about Inclusive Leadership” | Keynote from Allyson Zimmermann, Executive Director at Catalyst Europe AG, recognized authority on workplace issues including women on boards, the gender pay gap, and inclusive leadership and is often sought after and quoted in European and world media


16.30-16.45 Q&A session


16.45-17.00 “Experiences and solutions originating in the Crisis" | An online round table with subject best practices and initiatives of inclusive leadership that have been applied by companies and foundations during the times of the pandemic. 


17.00-17.05 Conlusions 


Workshops | 17.10-18.00 


For HR Executives

Workshop 1 | Methods and Tools for Diversity & Inclusion Project Managers 

Trainer: Stella Kasdagli, Co-Founder Women On Top

What is the basic knowledge that executives, who undertake to design and implement initiatives for diversity, equality and inclusion, need to know? Methodologies, tools and good practices that can be used to implement projects with effectiveness and sustainable impact on the company and its human resources.


For Managers and Team Leaders

Workshop 2 | Inlusive management of remotely working teams 

Trainer: Pinelopi Theodorakakou, Co-Founder Women On Top

At a time when the communication and collaboration ways we relied on are being overturned for the long run, how can managers ensure that their teams continue to work together effectively? Methods and tools to ensure that the connection and communication between our team members will not be degraded but enhanced, despite the distance and its challenges.


For Marketing & Communication Executives 

Workshop 3 | Is our new ad sexist?

Trainer: Thodoris Tsekouras, Author

How can an advertising message, without realizing it, become sexist? What does inclusive marketing and communication really mean? Is the public interested in whether an advertisement promotes equality or patriarchy? In this seminar we will try to find the answers and, most importantly, to ask the right questions to avoid crises and to invest in the creation of progressive and responsible brands for everyone and for all.


Workshops |  18.10-19.00


For HR Executives

Workshop 4 | Prevention and treatment of sexual harassment

Trainer: Anna Papanikolaou, Laywer  

At a time when sexual harassment at work is emerging as an important topic in public debate, what are the tools and practices that HR executives need to know in order to cultivate safety and respect within the company, to prevent incidents of sexual harassment and deal with possible crises?


For Managers and Team Leaders

Workshop 5 | Effective support of employees with family 

Trainer: Dimitra Gounari, Parent coach

What are the special needs of family workers and especially women, when a crisis like the pandemic upsets our support structures and the way we work? How can companies support employees with caring responsibilities, so as to foster an inclusive culture but also to ensure the long-term mobilization and efficiency of their human resources?


For Marketing & Communication Executives 

Workshop 6 | Do you speak inclusively? 

Trainer: Stella Kasdagli, Co-Founder Women On Top

The words, images and channels used in the intercompany communication of small, medium and large companies prove to be crucial for the activation, commitment and sense of belonging experienced by individuals and groups of employees. In this workshop we will explore methods and tools that will allow us to utilize language and messages within the organization as a means of cultivating an inclusive culture.

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