Safeguarding the Rule of Law –The need for consistency and adherence to established law by the Supreme Court in a Pandemic

- by Eklavya Vasudev

This article aims to scrutinize the judiciary’s role in maintaining the rule of law in a situation where one arm of the State (the legislature) has not been in function due to the nature of an unprecedented situation like the COVID-19 pandemic. It argues that the Supreme Court must strictly act as per its constitutional mandate and issue orders and judgments which are consistent and bound in sound legal reasoning.

Mr. Eklavya Vasudev, is a lawyer &  legal consultant with several organisations in New Delhi. He is a KAS Scholarship holder who is currently pursuing PhD in Law in Germany from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (FRIEDRICH-ALEXANDER UNIVERSITÄT. 


The working title of his PhD research project is “Transformative Constitutionalism and its relationship to social protection in addressing climate justice. A comparative study of Indian and German Constitutional jurisprudence”.




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