The International Criminal Court

Proceedings of a Dialogue in India

Terrorism and the Rule of Law

An Indian Perspective

Study by Dr. Ajay K. Mehra, Director, and O.P. Sharma, Visiting Senior Fellow, Centre for Public Affairs

Constitution Commission Report A Follow Up

Edited by Subhash Kashyap; Abhaya Kashyap

Islamic Education, Diversity, and National Identity

Dini Madaris in India post 9/11

Edited by Jan-Peter Hartung; Helmut Reifeld

NATO and European Dialogues with India

Edited by Dipankar Banerjee, Aisha Saltanat

India and the European Union

Edited by Gerhard Wahlers, Contributors: Elmar Brok, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Ingo Friedrich, Jean-Claude Juncker, Harmut Nassauer, Hans-Gert Poettering, Günter Rinsche, Bernhard Vogel, Karl von Wogau et al

After the Iraq War

The Future of the UN and International Law

Edited by Bernhard Vogel; Rudolf Dolzer; Matthias Herdegen

Judicial Reforms with Special Reference to Arrears of Court Cases

Edited by Pravin H. Parekh

Follow Up and Recommendation of the All India Seminar on Judicial Reforms

With Special References to Arrears of Court Cases Volume II

Edited by Pravin H. Parekh

Educational Regimes in Contemporary India

Edited by Radhika Chopra and Patricia Jeffery in collaboration with Helmut Reifeld